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George Li, Atharve Vashishta and Cameron Fink were accepted to LaunchX, a prestigious entrepreneurship program founded at MIT. They met each other through one of the brainstorming calls where George Li had a brilliant idea. We all wanted to help people and George suggested that the best way to do so was provide people with masks to slow the spread of the virus. We decided to set up an organization which does just that and more.

We created M-Alliant to help provide relief to anyone, anywhere who is affected by medical crises. For helping people get through COVID-19, we established an M-Alliant program called International Mask Exchange.

International Mask Exchange, IMX for short, collects masks from Chinese families, then delivers them to those who need it the most. Chinese families are willing to help others survive this virus in any way they can and IMX provides the means.

IMX is run by M-Alliant and currently there are 10 people on the team. Executives come from the US, Canada and China and we have members from Russia, Mexico and India as well. Families from New York, Louisiana, and other parts of the U.S. are requesting medical supplies. IMX has shipped over 500 masks to families all over the United States and is helping more people every day. Share and request masks to protect you and your loved ones from this virus.

Donation Milestone Updates-
May 15, 2020: Over 2500 masks donated!
June 15, 2020: Over 5500 masks donated and counting!
July 15, 2020: Just over 6700 masks have been donated.

Throughout these last few weeks, we have seen a decrease in demand for mask donations due to increased public access to more masks. This is great news! Due to this we have decided to stop our International Mask Exchange program and are working diligently on creating new programs to alleviate other issues around the globe! We thank everyone who has supported us. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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