Who Are We?

A Little Bit About M-Alliant

M-Alliant is a student-led organization which strives to help the citizens of the world who are affected by medical catastrophes and crises by providing you with the resources which you need to protect yourself and your family. We have members all over the globe from the USA, Canada, China, India and Russia. That said, the COVID-19 pandemic is arguably the most harmful medical crisis of this century. We at M-Alliant have created a program to provide relief by donating masks to people.

What Do We Do?

Our Responsibilities and Goals

At M-Alliant, we identify medical catastrophes and crises, identify what resources are needed to provide relief to people affected by the crises. After we have done our due diligence, we create a program geared towards helping the people who are affected.

Our Team at M-Alliant is dedicated, hardworking and diverse. The team is entirely composed of students and over 80% of us were accepted to LaunchX, a prestigious entrepreneurship program founded at MIT. All of us work around the clock to provide people like you with the resources you need to survive and protect yourself from medical crises.

Latest Updates

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